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You are warmly welcome to Epic driving school. Here´s some important things.

Driving Licence Application

– For the driving licence, You need to apply the driver’s license application from Ajovarma on scheduled time. Take the attachments along with you to the Ajovarma license administration. You can make the reservation to the application handling from Ajovarmas web page (www.ajovarma.fi) Or You can apply for a driving license through Trafi’s online service provided the conditions for using the service are met https://asiointi.trafi.fi/en/web/asiointi/henkiloasiakkaat/tieliikenne . You will need the driving school code Epic autokoulu / Turku.

– Attachments needed for the driving licence application: The actual application You will get from Ajovarmas office, when You head for scheduled appointment.

– 2 passport photographs

– Medical statement, taking into account the following exceptions:

When you are applying for a driving licence permit for your first driving licence, you may provide an assurance of your personal health condition. In this case, no separate medical certificate needs to be attached to the application.

If you have a valid driver’s license and you want to increase your driving rights with group 1 (AM / 120, AM / 121, T, A1, A2, A, B and BE) or Group 2 (C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, , D and DE), you do not need a medical certificate.

If you have a driving license for Group 1 and apply for driving rights in Group 2 (you raise your driving license) you will need to have a medical opinion on driving ability.

– driver’s license permit fee of 40,00 € . You pay it directly to Ajovarma office when you leave the actual application to the office. It can be payed either in cash or with credit card.

Add your signature to the application on in Ajovarmas office, not before that.

The drivers license application is valid for 3 years. The driving license application issued for the category to be completed must be valid when you come to the theoretical, processing and driving test.

Theory exam

You can book your theory examination at the vehicle inspection and registration centre / Ajovarma.fi

You can only take the theory exam when you have attended all the theory classes. Also you need to pass all the self education tasks on webauto.  Remember to collect your examination certificate and EAS certificate, if needed ( driving your first card ever, you need EAS ) from the driving school, without the certificate you will not be able to take the theory exam. Remember to take your ID and cash or credit card for the theory test payment. When you have passed the theory exam, notify your teacher, and you can book your driving exam together.

Theory lessons only virtually in English

Please keep track of your theory classes and make sure you have attended them all. You will find the theory lessons that you need to attend from the webauto. If you are not sure which class you have left, don’t hesitate to ask the driving school.

4 theory lessons held at once for all students (starting any course)

4 theory lessons held at once for B students (risk course)

Virtual Lessons:

Information about virtual courses and attending them can be found at the web-address

www.epicautokoulu.fi/virtuaaliopetus which you should look through (in finnish).

The primary requisite for attending the virtual lessons is that you have a visible video feed

You will not be allowed to attend if you can not provide a visible picture/streaming video.

The English lessons will always be held at https://epicautokoulu.adobeconnect.com/virtual and you may use this link as a direct way of joining the virtual classroom through your web browser.

No login information is required and you will join by writing your own name (First name, Last name) in the “Enter as a Guest”-field.

After the theory lessons, will we send the certificates, the teaching contracts and instruction, to you at your home address.

Risk management course

This course is included in the course, when you have started after 1.7.2018. Including 4 h theory, also only held virtually, you can see the time and date at your webauto. You don’t have to sign in at the course again, just come to the lessons. After the theory lessons, your driving teacher will book you the track time.

If you have started the school before 1.7.2018, you have to sign in to the risk management course separately. Our teacher or customer service can help you or sign in on our website.

– The track fee for slippery conditions will be paid to the track. The driving in the dark -practice will be done with simulator. It is compulsory to attend to the driving in the dark –practice before attending to the driving test.

Driving Lessons

When you have done the first 2 Level tests in webauto, we will book the first driving lessons.

The teacher will call you and you’ll schedule your driving lessons together.  Driving lessons will always start from the driving school unless otherwise agreed with the teacher.

Canceling the driving lessons

Keep track of your driving lesson appointments. If you wish to cancel your driving lesson, do so no later than 12 pm. on the previous working day. Otherwise the driving school is forced to charge half price of the scheduled lessons.

– You have been given 2 identical copies of the teaching contract with all the essential prices. Please return the other copy with your signature to the driving school. If you are under 18: also guardian’s signature.

You cannot schedule driving lessons until you have returned the contract.


Course fee is billed completely from You after the first theory lesson. It is possible to pay the course fee in monthly installments (from 1 to 12) but note that all driving school invoices must be paid before attending the driving examination.

The invoices are sent to you email account but they are also visible at webauto. If you have something about billing, you are free to contact our billing deparment laskutus@epicautokoulu.fi.

NB! If you are using Gmail/Hotmail/live –account, remember to check your junkmail.

When paying invoices, always use the reference number and correct amounts.


– You can log on to your own webauto at www.kuljettajaopetus.fi/epicautokoulu. You can practice for the theory exam, see which theory lessons you have attended and which bills you have paid. Also all the driving lessons, booked and driven are there. You’ll find your username on the training agreement. The default password is 0000, please change it when you have logged in for the first time.

Please, check out our websites instructions and remember to change the language. https://www.epicautokoulu.fi/turku/

You can follow us also in social media.


Kind regards

Epic Autokoulu


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