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Online theories and virtual education

The theory teaching of the driving school takes place remotely, depending on the course, either in online or virtual hours.

Select a course below and see instructions for completing theoretical studies.

Theoretical knowledge studies (in online hours)

With us, you can complete all the theory studies of the driving school conveniently as online lessons. Theoretical studies are carried out in an electronic learning environment. You will receive your credentials to the system by e-mail after registering.

1. Register for the course of your choice on the website of your nearest office.

2. Once your enrolment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions on the different stages of the course, as well as credentials to the student system.

3. In the learning environment, you can complete all the stages of theory courses conveniently, regardless of the location, during the opening hours of the Control Room exactly when it suits you best.

Things to note about online classes:
For studying, choose a space where you can focus on teaching without distractions. You can only take online classes during the opening hours of the Control Room. You can start the last hour of the day one hour before the Control Room closes. Please note that one online class lasts at least 45 minutes.

Theoretical studies (in virtual hours)

We use zoom distance learning in virtual education. Zoom can be downloaded on computers, tablets and phones. With the Chrome browser, Zoom also works without downloading the program directly from the browser.

You can download Zoom for Meetings from these links:

Android devices
Apple devices

To participate in virtual classes, you need to use a camera and microphone. We recommend using headphones.

Be sure to connect the camera and microphone to your computer before entering the class. Make sure that the volume of the speakers/headphones is also sufficient.

You can test zoom in their test course from this link.

Instructions for attending a virtual class

Join the virtual class at least 5 minutes before the start of the class.

Join the class via a link to your email. After opening the link, type your name in the field (Note. First name and last name, signing in with a nickname is not allowed, and in this case the classes you complete will not log into the student system)

From the next window, select "join with computer audio" to open a voice connection to the teacher.

In virtual education, you have a photo and speech connection with the teacher. You can also communicate via chat.

Any questions about theoretical studies?

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