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Epic Sports Scholarship

Epic Sports Scholarship

Epic's new sports scholarship is designed to support passionate athletes or teams with the right attitude on their way to the pinnacle of their sport. ⚽⚾🏉🏈🏐🏀🥎

Epic Autokoulu Oy annually awards four scholarships worth 500€, which are open to all athletes or teams, regardless of age, sport or performance level.

How to apply?

You can apply for a sports scholarship by filling in the online application form on this page.

The application form asks for information about your athletic achievements, a plan for using the scholarship, and how Epic Driving School would support your goals through the scholarship

Applications are evaluated according to set criteria, and selections are made four times a year.

Application schedule and key dates

Application round 1:
Application period 1.1.-31.3.
The selection will be published during April

Application round 2:
Application period 1.4.-30.6.
The selection will be published during July

Application round 3:
Application period 1.7.-30.9.
The selection will be published during October

Application round 4:
Application period 1.10.-31.12.
The selection will be published during January

Selection criteria and application process

Selection criteria

a. Attitude and dedication
b. Vision for the use of scholarship
c. Epic Driving School involved in the journey towards goals

The evaluation of applications will examine, inter alia, the following:

a. Versatility and inclusivity
b. Innovativeness and creativity
c. Effectiveness

Next call open until 26.6.

Apply for a Sports Scholarship Now

Scholarship for an individual athlete or team

Regardless of age, sport or performance level

Apply for a Sports Scholarship

Fill in the application carefully, describe the situation and give good justifications. If you are applying for a scholarship for a trip or event, for example, please note that it will take place after the end of the selection period. ❤️

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