Simulator instructions

Instructions for simulator driving lesson

– You can move the seat forward and backwards with the lever located under the front edge of the seat (don’t touch the other levers)

– Remember to fasten your seatbelt

– Before starting the car make sure that the gear is on neutral and that the handbrake is on

– Follow the instructions of the exercises

– The dark/slippery conditions exercises don’t need to be passed acceptedly, you can just move to the next exercise once you have completed the previous one

– You can get the high beam lights on by pulling the indicator switch towards yourself, the same way to turn them off

– If the vehicle doesn’t move after multiple tries, check the handbrake


If any kind of problem occurs, please call


p. 010 524 5480


Using the arrows insert your registration code that you have received by text message. On the last number press ENTER

– When you log in with your personal student code, you have 50min time to practice the exercises before automatic log out. If you have been booked with 2 lessons, log back in after the time is out.
– The exercises open automatically as you have completed the previous exercise acceptedly.
– If the program offers a completed exercise again, don’t accept it but go back with the back button and log back in with your code
– If your points on an exercise are less than 1/10, the exercise will start from the beginning
– The curriculum proceeds according to the student’s personal plan
– Be precise with the speed, the device is strict

Risk management course

If you’re completing the risk control course dark/slippery conditions driving exercise, log in with the code 0000000. Following options -> EDUCATIONAL PLAN
Unit – ja exercise parts you choose the exersices:
Driving in the dark: Unit 9, exersices 2-6
Slippery conditions: Unit 10, exersices 1, 2, 3 ja 6

If you want to drive with automatic gears:
Driving in the dark: Unit 19, exercises 2-6
Slippery conditions: Unit 20, exercises 1, 2, 3 ja 6
ATTENTION! You must log back in after every exercise. YOU DON’T NEED TO PASS THE EXERCISES ACCEPTEDLY so you just move on to the next exercise after completing the previous one