Age exemption permit

Driver's license when you're 17?

Age exemption permit


With a derogation granted by Traficom, it is also possible to obtain a driving licence at the age of 17. You can enrol on a passenger car course from the age of 16. You can therefore enrol and start the course if you wish, even if the decision to grant the derogation has not yet arrived.

You may apply for an age exemption permit no earlier than 4 months before the age of 17 has reached the age of 17. The permit is granted in accordance with the Driving Licence Act no earlier than 3 months before the age requirement is met.

The processing time for applications is currently two months. The processing of the case will be speeded up as carefully as possible by the completed application and the submission of the necessary annexes.

The application and attachments should be sent to Traficom:
by e-mailkirjaamo@traficom.fi, or
by post to P.O. Box 320, 00101 Helsinki.

For both negative and positive decisions, a fee is charged in accordance with the payment regulation (€110). The invoice is sent to the customer after the decision has been made.

You can apply for a driving licence for category B at the earliest at the age of 16. If you are granted a waiver, you can take a class B theory test when you have reached the age of 17 and after an approved theory test you can take a driving test.

How to apply for a derogation

Apply for an age exemption using the Traficom application form. You can fill in the form electronically and send it as an e-mail attachment, or post it to Traficom.

Depending on the purpose of the application for a derogation, the application form shall be accompanied by one of the following annexes:

  • Study certificate, when applying for a derogation to travel to school due to distance or lack of public transport connections (including information on the location of the place of study, office and/or address).
  • A certificate from the educational establishment confirming the need for mobility when applying for a derogation for work placements as part of studies or for learning on the job.
  • An employer's certificate of employment, or work experience, when a derogation is requested for commuting due to distance or lack of public transport connections.
  • Employer's certificate of need for mobility, when the derogation is requested for work or work experience and the need for a driving licence is related to the performance of the work.
  • A certificate from a club, coach, association, college or similar body attesting to regular and purposeful sporting or other recreational activity.
  • A medical certificate, or a certificate issued by another health professional, stating the restrictions on movement and the ability to carry out essential tasks imposed by the health condition of the applicant or a person close to him/her, when a derogation is requested for essential travel due to the health condition of the applicant or a person close to him/her.
  • Other explanation (e.g. a free declaration from the guardian) of the need for transport, if an exception is requested for reasons other than those mentioned above.

Specific reasons for granting a derogation

Specific reasons for granting a derogation

For example, getting to school, work, a work placement or a regular and purposeful hobby can be difficult:

  • Long distances between home and the place of study, work, work placement or hobby.
  • Lack of public transport connections
  • A total journey of at least one hour each way due to infrequent public transport connections, or a waiting time for public transport of more than one hour on several days of the week.

In addition, when granting a derogation, account may be taken of:

  • Unforeseen changes in the situation of the family living in the same household (e.g. the illness or death of a parent or other family member who drives).
  • Travel and transport needs to support a family living in the same household and to run essential errands.

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