Driving licence with a teaching permit

Driving with a driving licence with a learner's permit

Driving with a licence offers a flexible way to learn driving skills. Licensed driving allows you to practise on a flexible schedule with a licensed instructor. 

With a driving licence, it is possible to take the compulsory driving lessons, but before you can start driving lessons, you must complete the EAS theory course at a driving school (first driving licence holder training). Risk management training must be completed at the driving school before the driving test. 

We offer a pre-packaged Learning Licence Package for those who are studying for their driving licence, which includes all the studies you need to complete at driving school. There are also more comprehensive training packages available, including a practice driving test and more driving lessons in driving school to reinforce your driving skills.

However, it has been proven that the highest quality learning experience is achieved by combining teaching licence tuition with the driving school's B tuition packages. For example, you can get a minimum driving school course package from us and reinforce the learning of the curriculum with licensed driving lessons. All our B-course packages include EAS and risk management training.

We provide all the services and support you need to complete your driving licence with a learner's permit, ensuring that every step is completed smoothly and safely 💎

Licensed teacher, get your qualifications right!

A driving licence can be issued to a person aged 25 to give driving lessons, provided that he or she has held the licence corresponding to the lessons for at least 5 years. The licence is always personal.

When applying for a teaching licence, Traficom assesses the teacher's suitability on the basis of information from various official registers.

Only pupils who are marked on the permit may be taught with the permit. Two pupils may be registered on the same permit, but they must be close relatives of the teacher.

So if you are teaching your own child and a friend of your child, you will need two licences. You can apply for a licence via Traficom's online service, or at a branch of Ajovarma.

When giving lessons, the licensed teacher is the responsible driver on the road.

Equipment of the training vehicle

Legal requirements for an educational vehicle:

- Standard passenger car, or B van
- Separate teaching pad for the teacher
- White triangular plate on the back of the car with a side of 16-25cm.
- External rear-view mirror for the teacher

Many garages carry out pedal fitting and a professionally fitted pedal ensures safety on the road. When planning a pedal fitting, remember that the pedal is compulsory safety equipment and must work reliably throughout the lesson and during the driving test.

The additional pedal must not interfere in any way with the operation of the car's own brake pedal.

The functionality of the pedals is always tested by the driving test host before the test starts and a properly installed and functioning pedal is a prerequisite for admission to the driving test. In separate inspections, the Police may also test the functionality of the pedal.

Teaching with an automatic car?

You can also take the course in an automatic transmission vehicle. If the driving test is also taken on an automatic transmission, a special mark will appear on the driving licence, entitling the holder to drive an automatic transmission only.

Driving licence permit

Students must have a valid driving licence before booking the theory and driving test. 

It is possible to start driving lessons before your licence has been approved, but it is recommended that you apply for a licence in good time to ensure that it is processed before you book your theory test.

A category B licence can be issued at least two years before the age requirement is reached.


EAS - theoretical studies

If the licence is the student's first, they must complete the EAS theory course at a driving school before starting driving lessons. 

For first-time drivers - theory lessons cannot be given with a teaching licence, but must be given by a driving school (or other approved instructor). 

We offer the EAS Theories as e-learning, which gives you the flexibility to complete them at your own pace.

Different options for completing compulsory driving school studies:

💎 1. Register for a B course at your nearest branch. In addition to the compulsory studies (EAS Theories + Risk Management Training), the training package offers extensive self-study material for the theory test, a theory test practice programme, and driving lessons in a basic driving school, so that your studies follow the curriculum and you can reinforce what you learn in the lessons with your instructor.

👉 2. Sign up for a teaching licence course at your nearest branch. We've packaged the compulsory courses for those taking their driving licence with a learner's permit into course packages of different sizes. You can choose a risk management course that includes the EAS online theories, a theory test practice programme, extensive self-study material for the theory test, and if you wish, you can purchase a more comprehensive instructional licensing course package.

💻 3. Sign up for EAS theory lessons online. In this case, you will need to purchase a separate risk management course from the driving school before the driving test.

Time to get behind the wheel!

When starting driving lessons, it is important to remember: the teacher is responsible for ensuring that the student is sufficiently prepared to get behind the wheel. When giving lessons, the instructor is the responsible driver on the road.

The compulsory teaching is 10 hours. However, it is recommended to practise different things in traffic through repetitions over a larger number of driving hours. There is no limit to the amount of driving instruction given during the day and the content of the lessons is not specifically defined.

The progress of the teaching is recorded on the teaching card (form E505sr). 

Once the driving instruction has been given, it is recorded in the certificate of instruction and qualification (form E100). The certificate must accompany the theory and driving tests.

If you want to strengthen your driving skills in specific areas, we also offer individual driving lessons tailored to your needs, driving lesson packages, training for driving instructors, or, for example, a practice driving test for those who have a driving licence. 

Completion of the risk management course

Risk training is compulsory for all those who hold a driving licence. The training cannot be given with a teaching licence, but must be given at a driving school or by another trainer approved by Traficom.

The RTK course is recommended to be taken when you have already gained driving experience and have mastered the handling and control of the car. It is advisable to take the course just before taking the driving test, when other training has already been completed.

The RIskie Management course includes four theory lessons (online) and four driving lessons, some of which can be done on a driving simulator. The course includes dark and slippery anchor driving.

Go to the tests!

Theory test

The theory test will take place at Ajovarma no earlier than one month before the age requirement for the card is met. Before the theory test, the compulsory theory lessons must have been completed and the driving licence approved.

You should practise well for the theory test. In addition to the compulsory EAS theory lessons, both our B-course and teaching licence training packages include extensive self-study material and a theory test practice programme.

You must bring your identity card to the theory test. If you complete your theory studies with us, the information about the theory lessons completed will be transferred electronically from our student system, or you can present the certificate directly from our website when you take the theory test from your mobile device.

Driving test

In order to book a driving test, you must have completed the compulsory driving lessons and passed the theory test. The student must also be at least 18 years of age.

The driving test must be accompanied by an identity card and an E100 form signed by the instructor. It is also recommended that you bring your student card (form E505sr) with you to the test.

Good luck with your driver's license!

Once all the above steps have been completed, you will be entitled to drive immediately after passing the driving test.

Safe kilometres! ❤️

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