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High-quality driver training in Kuhmo. Check out our wide range of courses, sign up online and start driving school today.

Course options are now available at a price that suits everyone! Choose the most suitable amount of teaching from our tailored course packages, sign up and start right today if you wish.

Choose the most suitable amount of teaching from our various moped courses and sign up. All our courses include EAS training and theoretical learning material

Motorcycle courses & card category increases. Sign up and start with online theory studies right now today if you wish.

After the reform of the Driving Licence Act on 1 July 2018, risk training will be mandatory for anyone who is completing a passenger car card. The course includes 4 theory lessons as online studies, as well as 4 driving lessons. The risk management course is included in all our B course packages.

Are you driving a driving licence with a teaching permit? We packaged a completed course package for teaching licence students, which includes all compulsory studies completed at the driving school (EAS & RTK training, as well as theoretical knowledge examination training learning material)

EAS course in online hours (4h) for the first driver's licence. Enrol in the course and start course studies at any time. You will receive credentials for the student system and theoretical knowledge material as soon as your enrolment has been confirmed.

The tractor course (T) includes card-class theoretical learning material and EAS theory studies. In order to receive a T-card, you must pass a theory test. The tractor's right to drive depends on the structural speed and mass of the tractor.

In order to prevent the driver's risky behaviour, the return of a driving licence after driving while disqualified requires additional training. Driving ban training deals with risky behaviour and its impact on road safety.

Liikenneterveys Oy carries out health-based driving capability assessments in accordance with group 1 and group 2 driving health requirements, as well as other driving health-related training nationwide.

C1 courses easily and quickly. Course theory studies online. Sign up and start your studies right away.

Driving licence training (C+C1E+CE+D+DE), professional qualification training, taxi driver training.

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You can find us at The Service Station Kuksa's premises at Kainuuntie 129.

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Teaching also at the automated dispensing system

We also offer instruction with an automatic transmission car. Enrol in course B and enter a statement on the use of the automatic car in the course in the additional information field of the registration form! Welcome.


We also offer individual driving lessons, electronic learning materials, and driving capability assessments as separate services. Check out additional services, as well as a price list, and sign up for the course now.

Versatile payment methods

Driving school is a big investment. We offer several different payment methods for completing the course fee. If you wish, you can break the course fee into smaller parts, for example. Klarna's versatile payment methods.

Driver's license when you're 17?

It is now possible to complete a passenger car card at the age of 17 with a derogation granted by Traficom. Read more about applying for an age exemption permit and check if the conditions are met for you.

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You can start driving school with theory studies as soon as your registration has been confirmed. You can then complete your theoretical studies at your own pace in an e-learning environment.


Course options are available at a price that suits everyone. Choose the most suitable amount of teaching from our tailored course packages.

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